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Dentist Marlette, MI - Upright Dental


Your just a short drive away from a healthy, happy smile!

Upright Dental is located in the serene town of Marlette. We serve patients from as far as Midland, Tawas and Flint. The reason is simple why others make this easy drive. Visit our office and find out why!

It's time to experience the experience!

As our patient and guest, your care is our number one priority. Dr. Upright prides himself in a pain-free experience for all of his patients. Receive your treatment in a relaxed, caring environment. View your favorite DVD or zone out with your own selected music headsets. Our dental office is unlike any you have ever experienced. We designed it to be this way just for you! We believe in keeping your dental appointments as painless as possible on your 'ego' and your wallet!


Dr. Upright has been a Cerec doctor for over 13 years. You're looking at the future of your dental treatment. Cerec is a sophisticated, computer-based treatment system. Treatment for crowns, fillings and veneers for example will normally be completed in only one visit, and no impressions or temporary fillings are needed. >>more

We Love Kids!

When your child reaches the age of 2-3 years, it is a good time to consider their first visit to the dentist. This allows them to be old enough to handle the length of the visit. We are proud to work with you to help instill great habits in your child, and we love to watch them grow up with healthy smiles! We want to make their first experience as easy and fun as possible. They will "dig" our fun atmosphere and will hopefully have an "awesome" time! Your child's dental appointment should be an easy, carefree time!